About My Travel Quiz

Who We Are

We love traveling. In fact, at My Travel Quiz, there’s nothing else we’d rather do, and we’re guessing you feel much the same way.

There are many reasons we love traveling, and they vary just as much as the destinations we visit. We love seeing sunsets over foreign lands. We love the sense of adventure that comes with exploring new places. We love the way traveling connects us with people and allows us to share experiences. We love how traveling awakens our sense of curiosity and the ultimate freedom it provides. Did I mention we love traveling?

That said, it’s a wide world out there, and deciding where to go and which places to learn about can really cut into what precious free time we have. That’s why we created My Travel Quiz.

While guidebooks can be a helpful resource, they can also be extremely dry and boring. We feel learning about the world should be just as fun as actually seeing it, so we decided to take a different approach.

The time to live your life is right now. We want you to stop learning about the world’s greatest destinations and get out there and experience them first-hand. However, we also understand not everyone can get up and go anywhere they want at the drop of a hat, so we decided to bring the world to you, one fun quiz at a time.

What We Do

Ever wonder about Chichén Itzá? How about The Hofburg or the Louvre? Perhaps the nightlife in Seoul has you intrigued? Well, you no longer have to wonder about the world around you, because My Travel Quiz is here to help. Our dynamic quizzes break the world down country by country, attraction by attraction into bite-size chunks, and best of all, we make it fun!

At My Travel Quiz, our interactive site brings the vacation to you, helping you learn about the sights, sounds, geography, tourism, and culture of your favorite destinations. Not sure what type of traveler you are or where you want to go? No worries, we’re all about discovery and helping others discover their inner explorer and next vacation destinations.

While we all agree it’s time to stop dreaming about traveling and actually get out there and start exploring, the question remains: Where should you go? It could be Utah’s spectacular national parks, the pyramids and temples of the ancient world, or the rolling vineyards of Southern France. With so many amazing destinations throughout the world to learn about, deciding where to visit next is no easy feat.

Our goal is to help guide you towards your next adventure. With our varied selection of fun and interactive travel-related quizzes, you won’t be wondering where to go next, but rather, how to get there? It’s time to put all those unused miles to use!

By diving headfirst into our fun travel and geography quizzes, you’ll receive heaps of accurate and interesting facts regarding the wonderful world around you. In less than three minutes, you’ll discover your inner traveler and learn more about the places that interest you than you would spending hours reading some boring old guidebook.

From fun geography quizzes and intriguing lists to compelling vacation photography and more, My Travel Quiz offers something for every person's traveling desire. Sometimes we ask you to name a destination. Other times we explain what makes some places so great. Regardless, we pride ourselves in doing one thing especially well – we make exploring the world fun!

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